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Babinda Museum

Babinda Museum - George Giddins

The Babinda Museum is housed at 49 Munro Street Babinda, next to the Babinda District Community Association.

Babinda Museum is a Babinda District Community Association Inc (trading as Babinda Taskforce) economic development initiative and a volunteer steering committee led project.

It is a contemporary community museum celebrating the rich and diverse history of Babinda district through modern interpretive displays.


In 2017 a small but very dedicated steering committee of the Babinda Museum Project was formed to develop a new facility community museum in Babinda. The Babinda Museum, was to become the custodian be used to house and display collections of donated artefacts and archives that are important to the history and environment of Babinda district and its people.

One of the aims of the Babinda Museum Project was to also celebrate the cultural heritage of the local Indigenous peoples and the multicultural immigrant settlers that have shaped the region.


Babinda Museum Steering Committee

The volunteer committee is made up exclusively of Babinda district residents with a diverse skill set: Rosie Ambrum, Kitty Anning, Lee Antoni, Liza Czeszek, Patsy Hannam, Nolan Sheehan, Tanya Tuttle and Trevor Vicarioli.